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Established in Moscow, Russia, in 1998, Alpina publishes books about management, marketing, finance and politics. Its booklist includes such bestselling titles as The Essays of Warren Buffett, The Age of Turbulence by Alan Greenspan, and Blink and The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, along with the best Russian business authors.

Alpina actively promotes its authors. Reviews of its books have appeared in more than 60 print publications and 20 Internet portals, including Forbes Russia, Vedomosti and Izvestija. Alpina’s distribution network covers the majority of large bookstores and booksellers in Russia and CIS countries. The company is now in the process of creating its own e-shop, www.alpinabook.ru. Starting in May 2009, Alpina has been offering its corporate clients an online business library, which consists of 350 Alpina-published titles, with the goal of building the library to 2,000 business titles published by major Russian publishers by the end of this year.

Alpina also publishes books on demand, either translations of English-language books, or original books created only in Russian. Its offerings for its custom-publishing clients include ad placement in 100 Alpina-published books with a total circulation of 500,000, issuing audiobooks and distance-learning programs based on the clients’ books, as well as online versions of the books.


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