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Credo Media

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Credo Media


Spun off from Forbes China in 2005, Credo Media is a Shanghai-based custom-publishing company that serves multinational corporations operating in China. For every custom-publishing project, Credo Media begins by setting goals and structuring the publications based on careful study of the client’s business and marketing needs.

An on-demand team, consisting of industry-savvy editors, writers and top-notch designers and photographers is then put in place to provide a whole package of services including content planning, interviewing, writing, translation, editing, photography, designing, printing and distribution. Credo Media creates customer magazines, company brochures, catalogs, pre-show newspapers, conference materials and annual reports.

Credo Media also offers media integration services to route clients’ ideas and design via a variety of channels, including print media, interactive networks, streaming media, telecom and “live” PR events.

Credo Media focuses on creating value for clients, whose return on investment in the publications can be recognized with professional ROI tracking and measurement technology.


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